FabPrint on demand service

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Welcome to Fabprint on demand service. if you require something unique or a fanbase model. Rest assured, we got you covered.

FabPrint collections is not as big as some you see out there but we feel the size we have is ideal for our line of work.

We prefer not to be a big company and we feel it makes us more unique.

We can be more personal with each project we undetake from start to finish.

We always inform on stages of all work and any changes we may feel may need doing.

All my work is done with care with 100% Attention to detail and never rushed, perfection takes time!!


I always believe in saying, if its not right, then its not going out till it is!


Most of my work is in modeling and big statues but i also cater for parts and some unusal projects that gives me a challenge from time to time.


I hope i can offer my services to you soon.

Please feel free to look at my growing portfolio HERE for all my work