about us

Welcome to FabPrintCollections Website.

Our passion is 3d printing that has been going for 10 years when 3d printing started to become more affordable for the home user. 


Since i got my first printer i got hooked on it failry quickly and now with my hobby i am turning it into my new bussines. Why not enjoy the hobby and earn from it too right!


My years in this hobby i feel my experience is great in the field. Even to this day im still learning and i dont think i will ever be finished.  I progressed to making statues and models of all kinds and then found i had the talent to paint as well.

Over the years i studied art which i was aiming to be a canvas artist but started to

moved over to 3d Models.

Now all my work is done using my airbrush and bristles.

Now the new workshop is built we house many Resin and fdm machines.

We provide all types of work from models of your favorite super hero to prototypes you have designed.

We can of course design your prototypes too!

We not only do models but we paint as well, giving you something truely unique and special.

So whether its a few minitures or a big statue you want or that part you want to get printed,we can cater for all.

If there is anything we can do for you then please get in touch


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