about us

Welcome to FabPrintCollections Website.



My passion is 3d printing in fdm and resin and also cad designing in fusion 360. i am stll learning blender and zbrush but can do some modelling. 


I started about 12 years ago in printing as a hobby using a cheap printer  as most do and soon escalated to a few printers when better ones came along.


So in 2019 I started looking into running my very own small  print and designing business. I didnt want to be big like some and wanted to be more bespoke and of course affordable to everyone. If i could do it for free I would.


I still have to earn, So sadly its not free! My  work is time consuming and well I got to pay bills too.


My other hobby is painting and designing on pc. It is a nice addition and adds more to my 3d printing and has opened up more doors in my work. Soon i have a lot more knowledge in making some stautes and alike as im constantly using blender and zbrush daily to learn, i am more a hands on and learn as i go. If you can be patient and would give me a chance to make something for you then please get in touch.

You can of course check some of my work in the portfolio and also over on

my facebook and instagram too.

So what do i offer..

I provide all types of work from 3d models of your favorite fanbase models, minitures to prototypes you have designed.


We can of course design your prototypes too!

its not just models, I paint as well, giving you something truely unique and special.


So whether its a few minitures or a big statue you want or that part you want to get printed, I can cater for all.


If there is anything I can do for you then please get in touch