Custom made stamping molds

Updated: Jan 28

I was approached from a lovely company called to help make a mold stamp of there business logo.

They wanted there svg design turned into a actual product they want to use on there products.

We spent a couple days working on the design using fusion 360, which i use a lot for this sort of work I do.

After a couple days of consolation, we began to make the actual model in fusion.

So using the svg design as a template I went ahead and worked on extruding the model from the design and we got our first prototype.

It required some alterations to the depth and some parts of the ladybird to gain as much details as possible and insure it would stamp well and nothing would fail when printed.

After a couple test prints we finally got the perfect design, I went ahead and printed one to check all was fine and the customer was happy with the product.

They were thrilled to see it actually printed and how well it looked

They requested 15 tokens and I went ahead and started the print job.

We used the resin machines for this product to give them the best detail possible and the out come was perfect.

Resin is the way forward and I love working with it. The amount of detail it can produce in a very small model is amazing.

I mostly do all my work this way now apart from my spec heads that require our big fdm printers.

I am sure we will be working on another design in the near future.

Thanks for reading my blog and if you are in need of your design coming to life then please get in touch.

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