Motorbike badge

Customer came to me requesting a print to be done as smooth as possible, there was only one real route to take and that was resin.

we had a great conversation as always I like to get to know the customer and what they would like to be done.

After a great consolidation via email and after he explained that he had one done with another printing company which sadly wasn’t upto the customers requirements. He did show me the there print and i could tell it was done on fdm machine, This definitely needed to be done in resin, fdm is a great printing material in its own right but as the customer wanted the surface to be super smooth resin is the way forward.

So after our great conversations and reassurance that I get the job done he was happy to proceed.

I offered to paint the badges for him in silver and black and he accepted to add that to the commission.

Below is two resin printed badges that have just been cleaned ready for painting.

(Not so easy to take a photo of a black object it seems)

We use high end airbrushes for all our detail work using our Iwata Custom Micron CM C2.

The paints we use are either createx paints range and also Ak interactive paints too.

Im sure the customer will love there new badges once they are complete.

If we can help with your next model whether its a fanbase or a prototype you have designed I’m sure we can help get it done for you.

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