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Updated: Feb 4

Hi and welcome to the work area where all the magic happens!!

This is my painting area nicely finished now and is where all my painting happenes. Most of the time I use my iwata micron cm-c plus for all detail work and a harder and steenbeck for larger areas.

My paint of choice are from two paints of choice are createx colour ranges including tim gores collections andillustrations.

In 2020 i started also to use 3d interactive paints 3rd gen. These are a new range to me and so far im enjoying them and give me the option of either bristle or air.

So really does gives me more flexability when it comes to doing both styles.

Below is a few of my printers i use for all my models and parts. I now own more resin printers than the traditional fdm stlye of late. This is mainly due to the technology and the ability to print faster and also produce must more smoother details too. Saying that, I still have a place for all my fdm printers as they play a part in all my day to day printing. I still have the need for the big printing area for bases and prototypes we do here. so they will keep on printing for time being!!

I hope this little blog helps to see how my setup is and how my workflow runs as you can see i work right to left, not sure why i went that way but it felt right and it stayed that way. If it works for me then its all that matters. If there is anything i can help with then please get in touch and i hope it gives some insight into fabprintcollections. Maybe it will inspire you to design you own workshop like this too!

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