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Today i have seen some nice photos with my brake bias that has now been added to there new range of button boxes for motorsport simulation.

I have been working with Ariel from simracing4u for a while now and also a good friend of mine on getting these ready for release on april 1st (no its not a april fools!!) We had to redesign the brake knob to our liking and once we was happy i could then go to print.

As mentioned in my previous blog these where to be done in red and blue with white lettering. Seeing as i dont have a multi colour printer (one day i will!!) these are done by hand.

what is these button boxes

What is these button boxes they make, Well i will explain briefly what they do .

When you get into racing cars as a hobby, Sim racers like to have control over the car like the brake bias which adjusts the braking from front to back.

So instead of using that big old keyboard, Which is hard work trying to drive a racing car and searching for a certain key!!

They have these button boxes to help aid in using all the car controls. So much easier as well and also give some immersion when driving, They can even use them in virtual reality too because they can use muscle memory. I hope this kind of explains it.

They also dont just do racing they can also make button boxes for euro truck simulator and for flight too.

If your interested in knowing more or want to purchase a button box then please head on over to and take a look at there catalog.

I hope to be doing more work for them soon, It has been a great experience doing these and im always open to new project, So just give me a email or pm on messenger and i get in touch.


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