Supplying bulk orders

I do many things other than the specheads here and of course models for customers old and new. We also provide bulk orders of items that you need for your own business. Whether its adapters, plastic nuts and bolts, yes we do that too! Anything that has a stl for it , we can print it.

Recently i was approached by simracing4u there website here

They approached me for a order of some brake bias dials for there simulation button boxes that you can find here and some other items that i cannot speak about just yet but we will soon.

This order is for 40 and the other items they asked me to print on our fdm printers have been finished but sadly i have to keep that a secret for now!!

All these where done on our resin printers and delighted they came out as expected in perfect form. Next will be the clean up and primed ready to be airbrushed to there colour requirments and after being looked over before we ship them out.

I will be working on producing a lot more of these for when they need them when they sell out, which is quite often as simracing4u is really popular in the road racing and flight world of simulation.

We are already working on some new ideas. It was also nice to hear that Simracing4u has decided to put most of his orders over to me from his usual china order. Simracing4u is keen to keep the trading within the uk where possible.

It is always a good thing to support a local business, specially at present with this horrid covid as we all know its not been great for anyone.

For me and fabprint collections this is great news and happy to be working along side simracing4u.

I belive to always be upfront and honest with my work. My pricing is really competitive and I aim to be as fast as possible with orders. Shipping is done via our couriers we trust and use a lot of.

I may be a small new company working out of my worshop but i aim looking to expand over time when funds allow. I already own a fair few resin and fdm printers to supply the most demanding orders and always adding more when needed.

If you are interested in me working for you, then please put in a request here with all your details and requirements and i will get back to you straight away with moving forward.

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