Hi all,

Thought i update with some more news on our goal to sourcing our materials from uk suppliers.

So far we have sourched the filament from three companies in the uk (link to blog HERE)

We now have a supplier for our resins too.

This now means, We can fully order our main items directly here in the uk.

This in turn makes our life here at FabPrint Collections much more easier when it comes to building up our supply chain of materials

This helps us greatly with speed of ordering and also supports local bussiness in the uk and we really do need to get behind our own companies who supply us with what we need.

I am really happy to achieve this goal so far this year and i hope we can provide a printing service in the knowing all our materials are supplied right here in the uk.

So what colours of resin have we got coming next week,. well below is the list we have so far.

  • Yellow

  • Purple

  • Cyan

  • Bright red

  • Magenta

  • Skin

  • Opaque Green

  • Orange

I hope we can be of service and now offer more colours than the standard grey or white that we use here.


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