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Hi and welcome, I have been a avid 3D printing hobbiest for about 8 years and artist on and off for more years than i can remember!!

Last year i decided to look into maybe running my own little website where i could show my work and sell what i do.

Most sell stl's and thats fine for them but i rather have the joy of printing one out and painting the model. I have done a fair few over the last few years and rarely mentioned or showed my work. More a self confident thing than anyhting else, as they say a artist is there own worst critic!

So here we are 2020 in a global pandemic and you have found my website either by luck or via google. If so thank you for popping in.

I hope to be of service whether its for my new novelty spec heads i do, go check those out! or something from the catalogue (coming very soon) just pop me a message if there is something you seen you like the look of as we most likely have it already.

I have a fairly big harddrive full of many models that we have collected. Sadly i wont sell the stl's, so please dont ask me too.

We also do prototype work too, so if you have made something that you would like to see in a visable form then please hit the services section and let me know. My prices are quite reasonable and cheaper than most due to low overheads.

what machines do we have.

3x resin printers

1x extra large resin for bigger projects.

3x fdm printers 285x285x300

1x 300x300x400 for those big bases we do and for spec heads

(all types of filaments can be done using our microswiss kits on our biggest printer)

Full workshop for airbrushing our models using high end iwata micron airbrushes with either createx paints or ak interactive paints 3 gen.

All our models and prototypes are shipped safely with ups and all boxes are clearly marked fragile.

We at FabPrint, hope to be of service to you with all your printing needs, feel free to subscribe to us for updates and offers.


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